Occult Secrets Previously Known Only To Initiates...

Secret of Wealth, Love,
And Power

From the desk of Jack Ellis:

Dear Friend:

If you remember Pranic Energy from a few months ago you're gong to love this book!

The Miracle of Mana-Force is the source for all of the ideas in Pranic Energy - and this book has a lot more detail - 239 pages of detail, making the techniques even more effective!

Here are the step-by-step instructions for summoning the mightiest occult power known to man - that of MANA-FORCE.

This incredible power, says the author, can work apparent miracles in the lives of ordinary people to enable them to reach out and take what they want from life.   Wealth, love and power can be yours... just by willing them!

1000 Years of Unbroken Silence...

At last - after 1000 years of unbroken silence the incredible "miracle working secret" of Hawaii's Kahuna Magicians is being revealed to Western readers!

That secret, known as MANA-FORCE POWER, has for centuries been the exclusive knowledge of initiated Priests of the mysterious Huna sect.

With it, Kahuna Priests would manipulate the forces of the Universe to work day-to-day literal miracles on behalf of their believers.

And now, this same MANA-FORCE POWER is ready to work for you!

In the pages of this remarkable guide the author, an expert in these things, has decoded the entire secret in terms that are easy to understand and apply.

By following her simple step-by-step instructions she claims you will use MANA-FORCE POWER to carry any command to the most distant part of the planet in order to fulfill your desire.   "Nothing," she emphatically states, "will be impossible for you."

Only 4 Simple Steps That Take Just Minutes To Perform!

The real miracle of MANA-FORCE POWER is that it is so easy to use.

Just four simple steps - these are fully described in the book - a few minutes of practice, and the same FORCE wielded by Kahunas of old is at your command!

Quickly and easily you'll see how to:

    1.   prepare your mind for the powerful creative force to enter!

    2.   actually bring in the MANA-FORCE POWER with a simple ritual!

    3.   send the MANA-FORCE POWER to the High Self being who will fulfill your request!

    4.   speak your command - and "pull the switch" to make your desire a reality!

Sound too good to be true?   In this book you'll discover real-life case histories of everyday people who have used these four simple steps with astounding results.

For example, you'll see:

  • How, after 10 frustrating years, Sally P. attracted a handsome lover with MANA-FORCE
  • How Ralph W. doubled his bank account!
  • How Fred L. got a new card without a penny in his pocket!
  • How John T. used MANA-FORCE to win a promotion that had eluded him for years!


Order Now And Receive "How To Get That One Special Girl (Or Guy!) Absolutely FREE

This brief report was created in response to the one question people send me the most:

"Jack, how do I get this ONE person to pay attention to / like / love me?!"

The problem is, I don't own a time machine - so I can't go back and give them the advice they needed before they messed up the situation beyond repair!

Instead of asking "how do I get that one special person" the better question to ask is how can you prepare yourself mentally to get anyone you want?

This past week an acquaintance of mine - let's call him "Mike" - made a big production of his 6-month anniversary with his girlfriend.   They went out to dinner that evening and she dumped him.

Now he's a wreck... because he didn't follow the advice you're about to learn in this special report.

Don't be a chump.   Don't stand on the sidelines while your best opportunity passes by in front of your eyes.

This report will deal with pre-selection, how to handle the initial stages of interacting with/dating someone, and more...

And This Is Just The Beginning!

The author shows you how to build a powerful protective shield around yourself... how to turn enemies into friends - and if you wish - turn friends into lovers... solve any and all personal problems... and attract wealth beyond your wildest dreams!

As the author states: "This creative power was given to you to use.   This ability was never meant to atrophy within you.   So use your command joyfully and forcefully - knowing it is your God-given right."

You'll also find out:

Use the "Magic Love Magnet" to draw the one you desire to you

How to dissolve childhood brainwashing that prevents money coming to you

Make Lady Luck respond to your commands

How a spirit guide helped Mr. B find a fortune - and a lucrative career

Many books will tell you to "believe in yourself" - but this one will show you HOW to BUILD belief in yourself

Remove negative vibrations caused by illness

How to build a Magic Shield of Protection

Cancel negative thoughts from radio, TV, and movies

How the universe itself is a product of the mind

What symptoms to look for in a psychic attack

How to be free of all karmic debts

How Mana-Force Power can control things in the physical world

Make a previously unobtainable partner fall madly in love with you

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